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Grilling is one of the most favorite activities to do during the weekends. It doesn’t matter if you are going on a camping site, or staying in the backyard, you can always enjoy grilling. You’ve probably often thought about, how to season stainless steel grill grates? Or, how to care for my new cast iron grill grates? I know all about the process of curing a grill. If you are a novice, then you need to know how to prepare your new grill for cooking.

This is a complete guide on how to season a new grill to make it ready for grilling. I tried to cover all the steps in the process of preparing the grill for the first time, from cleaning and preheating the grill to actual seasoning and cooking on it.

I will also try to answer questions I had before I started the process of seasoning the grill, and maybe some of them will be questions you have as well.

Why Should You Season Your New Grill?

The primary reason to season your new grill with oil is to remove the chemical residue leftover from the paint or powder coating during production. This coating is not usually toxic, but it can impart a metallic taste to food if not removed.

This is a process that helps the metal of your grill to absorb oil and become non-stick.
The oils also help prevent rusting and give you a nice, black sheen.

Grill manufacturers also recommend doing it every season.

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How to Season Your New Grill?

A grill is a cooking appliance with a grate that is typically heated by charcoal or propane. Grills are used for cooking food. If you just purchased a new grill, you need to season it before using it. Seasoning bbq grills will help remove the coating that is typically on new grills and prevent rust. To season your new grill, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: General preparation

Before you prepare your grill for the first time, you need to have a few things in place.
First, you need to read the user manual, and to have it handy, so you know how to use the grill.

The grill should be in a place that is safe from kids and pets. It needs to be free from clutter and any other things that might catch fire.

The grill should be clean. You can buy a special grill cleaner, or use warm water and soap to clean the inside and outside of the grill. You need to remove all grease and fat from the cooking grates.

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You also need to be sure that you have a good working fire extinguisher.

Some grills come with a cover. You need to assemble the cover before you start to season the grill.

Step 2: Cleaning the grill

Prepare the grill for seasoning by removing the grates and drip pans. You should clean the inside and the outside of the grill. You can use warm water and dish soap to remove any grease and fat from the inside of the grill.

If there is a lot of grease and fat in the grill, you can use a stiff bristle grill brush to clean the grates.

Remove all grease and fat from the outside of the grill as well.

If there is a grease tray in the bottom of the grill, you should clean the grease tray as well.
Apply non-stick cooking spray to the grates, drip pans, and the interior of the grill to prevent sticking.

Step 3: Preheat the grill

Before you start seasoning the grill, you need to preheat it and get it ready for cooking.
You can use high heat to preheat the grill, and some grills have a preheat setting for this.
You can also preheat it to high heat with the lid closed, and then lower the temperature to medium-high heat.

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Step 4: Seasoning the grill

The best way to season your grill is to rub some oil onto the grates of the grill when the grill is hot. Use a grilling mop or a brush to spread the oil over the whole grate.

Allow the oil to sit for some time and allow the grill to cool for 10 minutes, and then wipe it off using paper towels. Seasoning your grill will not only allow the food to slide off the grill, but it will also prevent the metal from rusting.

The whole process of seasoning the grill takes about 45 minutes to some hours.

Maintain Your New Grill

After you have completed the steps above, you need to know how to maintain your grill. Maintaining your grill is very easy and you just need to make sure that you clean your grill after every use. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to leave the grill dirty after using it. It is important to clean the grill right after you have used it. This will make it easy for you to remove any food that is stuck to the grill.

All you need to clean the grill is a grill brush, grill cleaner, and hot water. Spray the grill with the grill cleaner and scrub it with a grill brush to remove any leftover food. Once you have removed the food, brush the grill with a wire grill brush and rinse it with hot water to remove any residue. If you don’t have time to clean it right after you have used it, then you can just lightly rinse it off.

After you have cleaned your grill, you need to allow it to dry thoroughly before you store it.
Keeping your grill clean will ensure that it lasts longer and that the food you cook tastes great. If you don’t clean your grill on a regular basis, you will need to replace it sooner than you thought.

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Store Your New Grill

After you have taken the steps above, you should store your grill properly. You don’t want your awesome grill to get damaged or stolen, so you need to make sure that you store it properly.

The best way to store your grill is to make sure that it is in a covered area. It is also best if the area where you store your grill is in a dry place.

Seasoning a New Grill FAQ

A new grill can be difficult to season for the first time, but with a little patience and the right technique, you should be grilling up some delicious food in no time. When your new grill arrives, unpack it and set it up. Be sure to read the instructions for the

Should you season a Weber grill?

Proper seasoning of a brand new Weber BBQ grill is imperative. Your grill will be easier to clean and will not require as much maintenance in the long run. A properly seasoned grill will also assist in the prevention of rust.

As a friend of one of the users of Weber Grills, I always recommend that you season your grill the first time for at least 8-10 hours. This will ensure a thorough cure and it will also allow the grill to build a beautiful natural non-stick coating.

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If you have a new grill and have never seasoned it before, use our step-by-step guide that is ideal for seasoning Weber grill grates.

Should cast iron grill grates to be seasoned?

When cast iron grill grates are brand new, you can season them with a light coating of vegetable oil or canola oil. They can also be seasoned by scrubbing them with a steel wool pad and vegetable oil with the new grill grate placed in a 450-degree oven.

Do you need to season a gas grill?

Seasoning a gas grill can be done in one of two ways. The first is to use a commercial grill seasoning product. These are often powders that come with instructions. The second is to rub the cooking grates with oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper, or seasoning bbq grills. The salt and pepper will help to season the grates.

How to Season your BBQ Pit?

BBQ Pits come in a variety of materials, and each has a unique seasoning process.

Aluminum Pits

Aluminum pits are a good option for beginners who may not be sure if they will be using their pit enough to justify the cost of other materials. Aluminum pits are also great for camping as they are lightweight and easy to transport. Simply use a stainless steel scrubbing pad and dish soap to clean the inside.

Copper Pits

Copper pits offer a huge amount of flavor and are great for those who like to cook large cuts of meat. To season, use a clean, dry cloth to rub on food-grade oil.

Stone Pits

Stone pits are often more expensive but require less maintenance than other materials. Simply wash with water and a scouring pad to remove particles and dirt.

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Steel Pits

Steel pits are great for those on a budget. Steel pits require the least amount of maintenance and can be easily cleaned with water and a scouring pad.


Seasoning a new grill is a great way to make sure that you will get the best-tasting food and that your grill will last for a long time. It is important that you follow all of the steps when you are seasoning your new grill.

Now that you know how to prepare your new grill for cooking, you can start grilling and you will enjoy it even more. Grilling is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Have fun and enjoy your meal!

If you have any questions or comments, I will be happy to answer.

Thanks for reading.

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