Kevin`s cafe is popular for its children’s masterclasses.
Let your children examine the informative side of the kitchen! Exciting lessons allow small visitors to learn something new in the game form.
Children master in Kevin`s cafe has two formats:

  • cooking;
  • cooking with animated characters.

The first option is a budget variant. Here we usually take a group of 10 people. The age of participants varies from 3 to 16 years. Our chefs teach our little guests how to prepare various drinks, desserts, and dishes that can be cooked at home, such as pizza or canapés. We are also ready to share the unique secrets of baking.

For the youngest visitors, we organize children’s masterclasses on tablecloths and placemat etiquette. We open your children the secrets of our dishes. The children’s culinary master class at Kevin`s cafe lasts more than 40 minutes. The cost is very democratic – 40$ per child.


By choosing a variant with animation characters, you will turn any event into a holiday. Kitchen Lab experts develop a scenario plan based on your wishes and perform every popular movie or cartoon hero.

Kevin`s cafe is a unique place in Moscow where small visitors can have fun, participate in interactive, children’s cooking classes, and learn how to make dishes on their own.

Programs are designed for guests from 3 to 16 years, and the duration is more than 1.5 hours. Groups are also small – from 10 children. The cost of participation is 60$, the price of your favorite character is paid separately.

Event schedule:

  • January 6 – Austrian cuisine
  • January 9 – Italian cuisine
  • January 11 – Molecular Cuisine
  • January 12 – Spanish cuisine
  • January 22 – European cuisine
  • January 25 – French cuisine
  • January 26 – Culinary masterpiece from Inacio Rosa
  • January 29 – Sea cuisine

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