6 Best Infrared Grill in 2021 – Put an End to Your Gas Grill Era

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Infrared grilling has been a popular cooking method since the beginning of the 1900s. The U.S. Military actually used them to cook their food during the Vietnam war. Infrared grilling allows you to cook your food using the same elements that our sun gives off. One of their main advantages is that you can cook in any weather. Since infrared grills work by emitting heat from special ceramic tiles, you don’t need to be near an open flame to cook your food.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best-infrared grill reviews. We will also provide some detailed information about infrared grilling and some steps to choose the best-infrared grill. Let’s start.

6 Best Infrared Grills Reviewed

  1. Char-Broil 3-Burner Cart Style Gas Grill – Best Overall
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  3. Magma Products Gourmet Series Gas Grill – Premium Pick
  4. Char-Broil Signature Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill
  5. Char-Broil Grill2Go Portable Liquid Propane Gas Grill
  6. Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Gas Grill

1. Char-Broil 3-Burner Cart Style Gas Grill – Best Overall

The Char-Broil TRU-Infrared 3-burner Gas Grill offers a lot of space for a small backyard. With 450-square-inches of primary cooking space and a swing-away warming rack, you can cook enough food for a large family. If you enjoy barbecuing, this grill is a wonderful addition to your patio. With durability, style, and function, you can enjoy the outdoors all year long.

In terms of durability, this best-infrared grill on the market is made with stainless steel components. Not only is it a durable material that does not rust, but it also has a high-quality finish. This finish is not only stylish, but it is also easy to clean. Just wipe down the grates with a damp cloth to clean them. The stainless steel material also works to prevent flare-ups.

This grill offers TRU-Infrared cooking technology to eliminate flare-ups and even cook your food. This technology also helps maximize the flavor of your food. When you use it, you can cook juicy foods full of flavor.

This grill also comes with push-to-start electronic ignition. This ignition allows you to start cooking your food right away with ease. This makes your grilling experience easier than ever.

2. Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill – Runner-up

No products found.

This model is very popular among customers. It has 180 square inches of cooking space. It has a nice-looking black and stainless steel design.

This infrared propane grill is very easy to use. You can cook your food with the help of infrared technology. It cooks your food evenly, and it doesn’t take much time. This grill is very easy to clean. This grill is lightweight, and it doesn’t take much space.

It also comes equipped with TRU-Infrared cooking technology, electronic ignition, and a swing-away warming rack. With these features, you can grill your food over and over again with ease.

3. Magma Products Gourmet Series Gas Grill – Premium Pick

Magma Products is a manufacturer of grills and outdoor cooking appliances. This model features rounded edges and a dynamic combustion system. It is made of 100% 18-9 marine grade stainless steel, uses standard 1 lb. disposable propane canisters, and has a 9″x18″ (162 sq in) grilling area.

Being one of the best-infrared gas grills, it also has a tempered glass viewing window, an anti-flare infrared technology, and a dependable electronic ignition.

4. Char-Broil Signature Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill

The Char-Broil Signature Cabinet Grill is one of the most infrared outdoor grills on the market with customers. The grill features 525 square inches of primary cooking, a 200 square inch warming rack, four top-ported 443 stainless steel tube burners, and a 13,000 BTU side burner.
It also has an easy-to-use electronic ignition system that offers a reliable spark every time and converts from liquid propane to natural gas with the purchase of a natural gas conversion kit.

Customers love this grill because of how great the cooking is, that it has an even cooking temperature and that it stays consistent.

5. Char-Broil Grill2Go Portable Liquid Propane Gas Grill

This baby is a 525 square inch grill that is great for a family of 4-6 people. It features electronically-ignited porcelain-coated cast-iron grates and a porcelain-coated warming rack. It also has a 13,000 BTU side burner and a porcelain-coated hood.

The grill is easy to assemble and is a natural gas conversion kit that is sold separately. It is a great item for the price and is a good option for those looking for a grill for a family.

Small and portable, but can do the job well. It has a good build quality, and you can find many useful features in this grill. It is a very good grill, and you can get it at a very reasonable price.

6. Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Gas Grill

Char-Broil infrared portable grill is a small item perfect for people who live in apartments and have limited grill space (but keep in mind safety rules). This grill has a modern design with wheels for mobility.

It is a small yet mighty grill, perfect for a small patio or balcony. The grill is equipped with a stovetop, gas control knob, and electronic ignition, which helps cook food evenly and quickly. The cooking area is a total of 320 square inches, which is perfect for grilling for a small group of friends.

Infrared Grill Buyer’s Guide

Want to cook your food fast and healthy? Infrared grills are the best solution. It is lightweight and easy to use. You can cook your favorite food without any oil, and it doesn’t take much time.

As it uses infrared technology, the food is cooked evenly without any mess or hassle. Moreover, it is very easy to clean. So, if you want to grill meat, vegetables, pizza, and other food items, then this is the perfect choice for you.

What are infrared grills

Infrared grills are traditional grills that are designed to heat up food with infrared radiation. This type of grill uses infrared heat to cook the food. The heat generated by infrared grills is much higher than when using traditional grills.

Infrared grills are a cleverly designed heating element that can be used to heat up a grill without using charcoal or gas. Infrared grills use a special ceramic or metal heating surface designed to heat up to around 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The main benefit of these grills is that they can heat up fast, as well as heat up evenly. This means that you get a great sear on your meat without having to use any kind of fat, and you can get your meat done quickly and evenly.

infrared grill at work

How does infrared grill work

Infrared grills use infrared radiation to heat the air around them rather than directly heating the food. The infrared radiation is emitted by the infrared elements located inside the grill. The radiation heats the air around the grill, which then heats the food.

Because the grill doesn’t get hot, you don’t have to worry about the food sticking to the grill.

Infrared pro’s

  • It is easy to use, as you don’t have to turn the meat or food over. So it saves you time and energy, and you don’t have to worry about flare-ups.
  • Infrared grills are extremely efficient and can easily cook more food than traditional grills.
  • The grills are easy to set up and maintain, so you can get back to your cooking.
  • They are easier to clean than traditional ones.
  • Infrared grills produce a nice smoky flavor without the wood chips.
  • The temperature can be controlled easily.
  • It takes less time to heat up.

Main types of infrared grills

Infrared grill reviews are a good source for choosing the best grill for you. There are many models of grills on the market, but it might be confusing and hard for you to choose the best for you. Here you can find out what are the main types and the benefits or pros and cons of each type of grills.

Rear infrared grills

Rear infrared BBQs are the most common type of infrared grill. The top infrared element is located directly behind the main burner. Food is usually heated via infrared radiation from the top element.


  1. Tends to distribute heat more evenly than other grills.
  2. More efficient energy usage.


  1. Can’t sear food since the infrared element is not directly in front of the food.
  2. Not recommended for use with woks since the infrared element is located behind the burner.
  3. Rear infrared burners are also not appropriate for use with cast iron pans.

Dual infrared grills

Dual infrared burners are dual-burner grills that have an infrared burner directly above the burner. They appear to have two burners, one being actually an infrared burner. The burner on the left functions as a regular burner, while the infrared burner on the right only heats the top element.

The internal structure of a dual infrared commercial grill is a ceramic element that fully cooks the food on both sides at the same time.


  1. The infrared burner can be used for searing.
  2. Because the infrared burner is directly in front of the food, it can be used for stir-fry cooking and other high-heat cooking.


  1. Not as efficient as single-burner infrared grills.

Convection grills

Convection grills have an infrared element that’s located in the front or directly above the burner. This infrared element is usually surrounded by a fan. They have a large cooking grate that lets the heat circulate and cook the food.

convection oven insides

They have gas burners under the cooking grate called gas grills, while the ones with electric burners are called electric grills. The main benefit of this type is that you can cook any type of meat or food on it.


  1. Can cook food at very high temperatures.
  2. Convection grills tend to cook food more quickly than other infrared grills.


  1. Not as efficient as other infrared grills.
  2. Can’t sear food.

Ceramic grills

Ceramic grills use a ceramic infrared element for cooking food directly on the top of the grill. The food cooked in ceramic grills is juicy and tasteful.

The ceramic gas grill can heat up the food fast; therefore, you can get healthy food in only a few minutes. They are safer because they don’t produce any harmful gases. They can be used as a grill, a smoker, a roaster, or a barbeque. This type is the best bbq infrared burner for sure.


  1. Can sear food.
  2. They also transfer heat to the food more efficiently, which results in more flavorful food.


  1. Preheat time is longer than with other grills.
  2. Ceramic grills are more expensive than other types.

Infrared Grill FAQ

Wondering how infrared grills work or how they can save you time, money, and energy? Check out our FAQ section below to learn more!

What types of meat can I cook with an infrared grill?

Infrared grills can be used to cook many different types of meat. It is recommended that you cook meat that is not made up of too much fat, as the fat will not be able to absorb the heat that is needed for the meat to cook. The grills are also good for cooking vegetables and other foods that need to be cooked for a short amount of time.

Does an infrared grill have any advantages over a regular grill?

The biggest advantage of infrared grills is that you don’t have to use any type of oil or grease when cooking. This makes food healthier and helps keep your grill cleaner.

Infrared grilling is great for fish, chicken, beef, pork, vegetables, and more. It can be used to cook a wide variety of foods and can be used for anything from lunch to dinner.

They are also great for people who like to spend time outdoors but would like to be able to eat their food without having to sit outside for an extended period of time.

Is infrared grilling healthy?

Infrared grilling does not use any cooking oils, so you won’t get the leaks that you would get from a standard BBQ grill. Infrared grilling also typically uses lower temperatures than regular grilling, so you won’t get the charring that you would from a traditional grill.

Summing Up

The infrared grills are more efficient, less messy, more convenient, and safer than the traditional ones. So, if you are looking for a convenient, safe, and efficient grill for your family, I would recommend you buying one of the infrared grills reviewed above.

With that, I hope you now understand the reason why infrared grilling is better than conventional grilling and how to choose the best infrared grill for your needs. I hope you enjoyed this article, and please feel free to leave a comment or a question if you have any.

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